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GDA de Sidi Amor

LocationSidi Amor / Ariana
Datesince 2007
DescriptionThe Agricultural Development Group of Sidi Amor is a unique site in Tunisia thanks to its important nursery of medicinal and aromatic plants. But also, the site has become a major place of training and experimentation in eco-construction.
Master MasonThierry Wallraf
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LocationSidi Bouzid
DescriptionTo create a permaculture and hydroponics training centre in Regueb, with a training space according to the eco-responsible approach.
TectonicSuper-structure in CEB walls, vaulting with hollow bricks, interior gypsum sprayed plaster, exterior NLH plaster, double glazed joinery, harvesting rainwater unit, composting area.
Architects & Urban PlannersqartbunDESIGN sarl
Project HolderARND
FundsGIZ in Tunisia
Statusnot achieved

Let’s Build Together The Green Transition In Tunisia

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