Insulation & Waterproofing

A house has the following proportions of energy loss (on average):

  • 50% loss through the envelope ;
  • 30% loss through the roof;
  • 20% loss through the floor.
    One of the challenges of sustainable construction is to reconcile thermal insulation with watertightness against rainwater infiltration.
    It is essential to allow the envelope to breathe (to allow through-air exchange) but at the same time to make it a barrier to rainwater.

Cellulose Wadding

Thermal insulation is the use of a material that delays (as much as possible) the transfer of heat (or cold) between two materials or between the interior and exterior.
This principle depends on the geophysical location of the architecture.


Waterproofing essentially concerns the protection of structures against the risks of rainwater infiltration and undesirable capillary rise. Airtightness, on the other hand, is not recommended at all. The house functions as a « living body » which needs to receive and evacuate moisture (to breathe) through its envelope.

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