DescriptionConstruction of an enhancement unit for one of the last snail farms of the Capsian period (around 7,500 BC) : an urban enclosure that protects a mound of roasted snail shells (giant ashpit = ramediya) with museum facilities that explain the site and its history.
TectoniqueFrame in Gafsa stone sealed with NHL mortar, crossbeam in Gafsa palm wood, support wall in stone masonry coated with NHL.
OwnerMinistry of Culture


LocationTabraqa / Jendouba
DescriptionThe Genoese fort of Tabarka (Tabraqa in Numidian = the shady place) is still used, in part, by the Tunisian National Navy (Direction des Phares et Balises). In order to allow visits to this historical monument, the AMVPPC has built a partition between the military zone and the rest of the archaeological zones.
Tectonique« Jalousie » partition allowing the wind (very strong exposure) to pass but not the view, made of local eucalyptus wood.
OwnerMinistry of Culture

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