Air Quality

Air quality is one of the most important entry points into green building. The common materials used since the beginning of the 20th century have had a strong negative impact on indoor air quality, leaving behind « healthy » plasters (exterior and interior) such as plaster, lime or raw earth.

Gypsum Plaster

Used exclusively in interiors, sprayed plaster has excellent thermal and hygrometric regulation qualities. It also helps to clean up unhealthy air. The plaster can be applied up to 14cm thick. It thus becomes the « free natural air conditioner ». Applied manually (with a trowel) or mechanically (sprayed with a pump), it is very easy to apply.

Natural Lime Plaster

Used in aerial or hydraulic form, natural lime coating is recommended for both interior and exterior use, for its mechanical and thermal qualities. It also helps to clean up unhealthy air. Natural lime is mixed, depending on the space, with different aggregates, in order to provide simple ecological construction solutions. Commonly applied with a trowel, new products are coming onto the market for mechanical application (sprayed with a pump). Coating with great antiseptic qualities.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is essential for indoor air quality. It is a bio-climatic way of renewing the air and getting rid of stale air, which mechanical air conditioning does not do. The COVID-19 pandemic imposed natural ventilation because of the unsuitability of modern buildings for the sanitary principle of « air renewal ». The position of the openings, one in relation to the other and the creation of interior voids (patios), favour natural ventilation without having to resort to any energy-consuming mechanical device.


Paint also plays an important role in indoor air quality. It depends on two main factors:

  • The quality of the paint itself: it must not give off harmful fumes;
  • It must be compatible with its support: the coating and the envelope.
    Today, two types of ecological paints are possible:
  • Natural aerial limewash ;
  • Industrial paint without heavy metals or harmful chemical elements.


The joinery of the envelope plays an important role in the interior comfort:

  • Reducing thermal bridges ;
  • Regulating natural ventilation.

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